Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again

I’ve been blogging less frequently now, and I truly feel myself losing interest in blogging.

I do still love talking to all of you guys, but I don’t have anything to post.

I am quitting blogging. Yep.

I still do want to talk to you guys, so if you want to chat we can on Hangouts.

I will always love you guys and I’m so happy I took up blogging. It was fun and I got to learn about so many new people.

Thank you so much for reading all the crap I call writing on this blog.

Love you guys ❤

5 Things That Annoy Me

5 Things That Annoy Me

This post is inspired by the amazing Luka Puka!

Click here to go to his blog because it’s amazing and you get a free computer hug from me.

Got it? Okay, here’s your hug. I bet you enjoyed it.

Now that that’s out of the way, here are 5 things that ANNOY THE LIVING HELL OUT OF ME.

  1. “Oh my god, I’m so bad at this.” “I’m so stupid, that’s why I can’t do the math.” No, stop it. People who constantly put themselves down in order to get confirmation they’re not stupid, or ugly, or annoying are super annoying to me. I understand why people do it, and I do it too, but when one person constantly puts themselves down it starts feeling awkward that you have to keep saying “Pfft, no, you’re hair looks gr8.”
  2. Teachers who don’t know what they’re teaching. This one is fairly self-explanatory. A message to those teachers: “You aren’t teaching us anything, m8. Time for you to consider other options in life.” Maybe being a professional soul crusher because I hear you’re pretty good at that.
  3. When you leave lip balm or lip stick in the car. In case you’re god and have never done this before and have no idea what the outcome is, the stuff actually melts. It gets everywhere and if you have a dad who freaks out like mine when anything gets on his car, then you’re out of luck.
  4. People who can’t respond to someone with different opinions. Thanks for the inspiration koi/chasano. No idea what to call you now, sorry. Aka most people on the internet.
  5. When people mock accents. Accents are sexy, m8. Stop making it sound idiotic because your idiot is seeping into it.

Yeah, this post was supposed to be serious, but it slid downhill at some point. I’m sorry my posts have been so terrible recently, I’ve had a dry spell with inspiration, the damn traitor.


I’m Such A Follower

I’m Such A Follower

The inevitable has happened guis.

Recently I’ve noticed I actually talk and act like some of my most watched YouTubers.

Yes, it’s gotten that bad.

I’ve been watching Dan and Phil so much that I’ve started pronouncing “literally” like “litrally”. Phan can we please just take a moment to appreciate Dan’s Winnie the Pooh accent it’s so adorable.

Not only that, but Dan has this strange hand thing that he does. I named it “Gangster Tom”. I actually don’t know where Tom came from. I’ve just always imagined Tom being a huge gangster thing. I’ve started doing that hand gesture. Invitation to facepalm.

Seriously, though, I have a problem. I’m coming up with a better post next because no one wants to hear me talk about my favourites for half an hour.


Jesus Hair

Jesus Hair

Wow great going, Nutella, you reach 200 followers and then you go missing.

Shh, I actually have a real excuse this time. I’ve been busy.

Aside from school, which is an excuse that has been used so many times it doesn’t even count anymore, I’ve been preparing for an end of year celebration my school is hosting.

I did something I’ve never done before, but which I’ve always wanted to do.


Like, in my hair. Where else are you going to get them, you didn’t have to elaborate you idiot.

My hair sort of reminds me of a banana that has sort of started rotting but not quite. So attractive, Nutella.

That’s basically what I’ve been up to. Wow great excuse, mate. You got them good.

Love you guys! ❤

Who Let Me Do This

Who Let Me Do This


I’M AT TWO HUNDRED FOLLOWERS! Yeah, I have no idea how that happened either.

Wow who let me start a blog…

I can’t believe it. Two hundred people actually read my posts! Actually that’s a lie I only get, like, five comments per post. But it’s okay I still love every one of you.

I am seriously so excited!

I love you guys, thank you so much. 🙂


Almost Two Hundred+Shout Outs

Almost Two Hundred+Shout Outs

I’m almost at two hundred followers!

Wow, I feel like this is surreal. Like this can’t be me who has almost two hundred followers. It feels so weird…

Thank you guys so much, I love you. I have a few shout outs for people who have always been with me in the blogging community:

  • Yuki– She’s sort of gone MIA, but she deserves a huge spot on this list. I love you so much, Yutella buddy, I hope you come back soon. ❤
  • Mangos– You are the most fun to be around. I honestly love talking to you because there are never any times when I feel weird around you. Dan and Phil will forever be in our hearts. 😉
  • Moon Bae– There’s really no need for me to explain why you’re here. You have just been my friend for the longest period of time out of all the bloggers, and I love you.
  • Nunnally– I love you and miss you. You’re someone who I can really just be around without feeling self-conscious and I love that.
  • Sally Duck– Cheers to the friendliest duck you will ever meet and my first follower.
  • Bubbles Bae/Fatima- My best friend. Come back and be more active pleassee.<3
  • AnnaTendo– The funniest Vaseline-kin you’ll ever meet and probably the only one.
  • Pandaflower11– Even though she’s not active, I still think she’s my queen. 👑
  • Infinitmagic– My unicorn buddy forever. ❤
  • SapphireFire- The most relatable blogger ever.
  • Ameee– The Artist of Doom. I’m kidding don’t kill me.
  • Marina– Where did Marina go? I miss her so much. 😥
  • Adi– My inspiration. Literally the person who got me into blogging.
  • And all my other followers who are my true loves– love you. 😉

Anyways, I’m sorry this post was pretty uneventful, hope I can come up with something better soon.

Just count the amount of times I’ve said love in this post, my god.

Thanks again, guys and girls I’m not sexist, for almost two hundred followers! 😘