Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again

I’ve been blogging less frequently now, and I truly feel myself losing interest in blogging.

I do still love talking to all of you guys, but I don’t have anything to post.

I am quitting blogging. Yep.

I still do want to talk to you guys, so if you want to chat we can on Hangouts.

I will always love you guys and I’m so happy I took up blogging. It was fun and I got to learn about so many new people.

Thank you so much for reading all the crap I call writing on this blog.

Love you guys ❤

67 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again

  1. Oh my globbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
    It’s been nice knowing you fam. I’m so happy that you got to be a part of this community.
    Always remember the phangirls. We will find you LOL

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  2. Very…tired…but…must…write…comment…Nutella bae…deserves…comment
    First off, I (we) understand, but it’s awful seeing people leave…
    and not just anybody, it’s Nutella bae who’s leaving us.
    It’s… It’s… tear-inducing.
    Every time I look at a jar of Nutella I’ll always (unconsciously) think of you… haha
    (As it says on my gravatar profile) I love you too.
    Farewell, and fare well~

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      1. ..that’s something nice to hear once in a while.
        no joke, i expressed negativity and shit towards you, don’t see why you’re very liked, you’re quite the positive one, believing the good in everybody.
        in all seriousness, my deepest apologies for doing that, sorry.
        I wish I wasn’t a little shit to you, and actually got along with you.


    1. Aww this is so beautiful. I’m so glad we got to spend time together. Honestly, your comments made my day. Thank you, I’ll miss you and love you always. Best wishes 😚😚


      1. the candy’s pretty good, though
        so is that email

        I’ll miss you too, Nutella
        You were a true friend to all of us

        plus you kinda motivated me to
        keep blogging or something like that
        in the beginning

        so uh
        thanks for that too



    I will miss you so much! What’s your email? I want to chat on hangouts.


  4. I’m just seeing this now. 😦 If you’re still reading notifications, I wanna tell you that I’ll miss you and I’m glad you came back for a while. ❤ Even though you'll be gone, I'll still be worshiping you! 🙂


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