What Happens When I Go Shopping

What Happens When I Go Shopping

As you all probably know unless you live under a rock or something I am short and pretty petite, which also means I’m really hard to shop for.

Usually my shopping trips end like this:

I’m trying to find a dress for this dance we’re going to have at the end of the year, and I am going to die trying to find it.

Most things don’t fit me right, or if they do, its probably ugly and looks like I’m playing dress up.

Any dress shop recommendations?


61 thoughts on “What Happens When I Go Shopping

      1. Great! You should probably try there, since I know they have stuff for petites… It makes me wish I lived near one instead of only being able to shop there once or twice a year. :/

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    1. The thing is, if it’s ugly, I won’t waste my money on it because I don’t like it. If I don’t like it, I won’t wear it. Even if its easy to match with, I probably won’t end up wearing it because I don’t like it.

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      1. well, yeah i forgot to include that xD
        but hey, you could totally save money by buying a simple dress and adding accessories to spice it up 😉

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  1. you see, this is why you do online shopping like it’s so much easier
    I don’t like shopping either ;;u;;
    But only buy like shirts,sweatshirts, or jackets online or something.. don’t buy shorts/skirts/dresses bc they don’t usually fit and it takes forever to try to get refund
    I don’t go to stores much but I go to forever21 and H & M (mainly for their sweaters like omg they r so soft)… er yeah? Abercrombie & Fitch smells like cologne so whenever I go in there my nose starts to hurt
    Also I don’t think you need to do this but my parents have banned me from buying black clothes and clothes that are any shade of grey smh

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    1. Wow. I’m trying to buy a dress so I have to go in store because I need to go to some dance at my school. But the more important issue: Why are you banned from wearing dark colours?


      1. you see the problem is, almost all my clothes are black, shades of grey, or like navy blue and my parents say I look like I’m going to attend a funeral every time I leave the house soo… it’s been like… 2 1/2 months? After 3 months I can buy black clothes again but I must suffer until then
        but I rarely even buy clothes so the ban is kind of pointless LOL
        also, I also have like a party thing for my school and I all I have is a black dress so guess what I’m wearing //hahha
        just like wear a trash bag to school but like decorate it with glitter you knowww
        Forever21 has some nice dresses but idk the cost… my friend says TJmax has some pretty decent dresses for decent prices so try that?

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      2. All I wear is literally white and black. I don’t wear colours, because who does that?
        Omfg could you just imagine walking into school wearing a trash bag with glitter on it and being like, “Be jealous, b*tches.”

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  2. oh, and if you need a dress…then probably go to Charlotte Russe (I think they still have dresses there) or Macy’s/JcPenney

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