A Day in the Life of Nutella

A Day in the Life of Nutella

After I wrote the post about me being an illiterate twat, I got a few replies saying I should talk about everyday stuff that I do. So here goes:

The Steps to Being Nutella:

  1. Set your alarm clock 20 minutes early because you can’t wake up.
  2. Press snooze a hundred times and then fall asleep again.
  3. Wake up 35 minutes later and panic, and then realize you set the alarm clock for 20 minutes earlier.
  4. Stop having a heart attack.
  5. Do all the basic human things. Eg. Brush your teeth, change, eat, etc.
  6. Almost be late for the bus.
  7. Get to school and talk with friends until bell rings.
  8. Get stomped on by 5 people because you’re so short.
  9. Make it to your locker and then to your class.
  10. Tune out the whole day of school except for lunch. Because lunch is the only period that is half decent.
  11. Get home and die from exhaustion even though you did nothing at school.
  12. Revive yourself.
  13. Eat everything in sight.
  14. Go to bed.
  15. Repeat.

Was this post too long? Most likely.

Comment if you read the whole thing, just to see who actually reads my posts.

68 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Nutella

      1. i am for real
        and this is something other people find funny: my hands are 5.5 inches tall :>> (I HAVE HANDS SMALLER THAN MOST KIDS)

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        IM 13 (younger than you) AND IM POSSIBLY TALLER THAN YOU?????
        /how do you draw with such tinny hands omff

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I suppose when someone hits their puberty early their growth will stop when being around 13-18???
        If you haven’t grown since you were ten, you probably hit your puberty when you were around nine.
        I’ve read a lot of articles about puberty, and all of them said that the estimated age to hit puberty is around 9-18.
        So, that’s why you’re short, supposedly?

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