38 thoughts on “Fantage Confessions?

      1. Nope. They didn’t say who they were, and nobody was able to find out, either. So nobody really knows who fantage confessions is.

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      1. Aside from the confessions telling people to kill themselves (which really says more about the person confessing that because WTF is so wrong with your life that you have to say that?), I don’t remember anything overly hurtful…

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      2. Woah that happened? 😮
        They said some stuff about some people. Nothing too bad, just petty. Things like “I don’t like Ameee’s art” and stuff.


    1. We don’t know who the owner of the blog was, she stayed anonymous. She did say she was one of the bloggers we knew, I think. Or maybe I just assumed that, I can’t remember. 😛
      Anyways, she basically made an ask.fm account and let people anonymously make confessions about stuff, and she’d post it on the blog.

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      1. Oh, she said she was one of the bloggers we knew? Interesting.
        Idk why but the they type though…I’ve seen the ask.fm but..
        The typing style I just can’t…
        I have so many suspicions of some of the bloggers who have that typing style and when they used that “:^)” emoticon.. I just..
        One of my bestest friends on this blog types just like them but..
        She might be reading this comment but still..if it was her then I would probably cry In a corner haha..

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      2. But if they reveal themselves to everyone I think I’d be quite happy that they had the courage to reveal?? But I doubt they will..

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      1. I think it’s fantagebirds.wordpress.com
        If it doesn’t work, then google fantage birds
        Sorry, I’m currently on my phone right now

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