Solving Problems

Solving Problems

Hello everyone!

As you might know there is a big problem on Fantage.

(Evil lady)

Fantage ultimately took away kiosk purchasing rights from non-members.

There has been a lot of controversy about it and how it’s unfair.






Honestly, Fantage is pretty how would I say um pretty dumb and pizza is the solution to everything.

I had a little bit of a gut feeling that this was gonna happen but then I said that won’t happen, but alas it did.

So, take a slice of pizza (or two) and have a cookie and just sit back and relax because as much as I hate to say (because I think I might offend someone??) this is just a game that you spent money on and time and effort and having your only good privilege as a non member being taken away for no proven reason it’s just a game but hey it’s just a game!

As Twenty One Pilots says “The sun will rise and we will try again” (the song is Truce)

sorry i had to include that lyric/reference im trash sorry bye now


Okay so I hope you enjoyed the week’s post!

any thoughts on this problem? Leave em’ in the comment section!

Bye everyone!

~Fatima the trash queen

4 thoughts on “Solving Problems

  1. yes i have a thought.
    i don’t see why people are complaining.
    at least they didn’t take it away 100%, you still have a chance from daily attendance and/or LB which is for a fee of 0 gold and is better than buying a permission with gold!
    yea? no? ok
    also i don’t go to mymall so
    i’ll just

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