It’s Not Her.

It’s Not Her.

Hi. I’m Yuki, just another worker on this lovely blog. I know. I’m not Nutella. I’m not the person you were hoping would make this post after Nutella’s break *everybody groans* but today I’ll be making a post in her place. I’ll be writing a quick piece in dedication to Nutella.

Nutella. Oh how I wished you were food.

Nutella. The first time I met you, I thought that you were a walking Nutella

Nutella, you remind me of the glittering unicorns that only come out once a year because you shine so bright

Nutella. Oh how I remember when you first made a comment, how much you stood out

Nutella. It’s like you were made out of niceness (Kimi ni Todoke compliment)

Nutella. Oh how I hope you were here, so everyone could feel at ease with your soothing presence 

Nutella. I am failing History please help me ;A; (jk jk)

Nutella, will you lend me some Nutella?

And thank you for reading this trashy post.


22 thoughts on “It’s Not Her.

  1. i wish my bae, nutella could come back. ;-; such a nice person’s loss is felt everywhere throughout wp, the presence will not leave us

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