55 thoughts on “My God

  1. My dream ☆_☆. Rich dad poor dad is a book you should read :). It shows you how to manage money. Not a lot of people know that to become milionaire. Very, very useful.

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    1. I live in Canada, and believe it or not there are actually really hot days here where I would die for a pool.
      I used to do competitive swimming (although I hated it a lot, I still like swimming freely and not being forced to do a million laps) so I would love a pool. 😛


      1. Really? Here it’s never pool weather, like…ever. -_-
        Yeah, swimming is probably my favorite sport. I just don’t care much for swimming if the weather is crap or the water is too cold. ;~;

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  2. WHOA! THAT LOOKS INCREDIBLE! I actually live in a house some what like that. xD We have see through walls, and a pool in the back, but we never use it. We also have a jacuzzi in the master bathroom, but it’s never turned on. (Mostly because we’re too lazy) I’ve seen houses like that in my neighborhood though.

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