Goals For 2016

Goals For 2016

As you probably all know, Its going to be 2016 soon!

Here are my goals for 2016:

  • Be on honor role.

I know its going to be hard because I tend to get mediocre marks. Trying to change that this year, and turn my academic life around.

  • Dress better.

To be honest, I dress like I randomly picked out the clothes at the top of my drawers, which is actually what I do. I am seriously lazy. I have no time to find clothes that match, but next year I’ll try to dress, uh, well not like I dressed in the dark.

  • Post less negative thoughts.

I’ve got to stop using this blog to post all my negative thoughts. You guys are going to get sick of it, and I am too.

So those are my main goals of 2016. Of course I have other goals, but they’re not as big. Hopefully I can achieve these. ๐Ÿ™‚

Love you guys โค

31 thoughts on “Goals For 2016

  1. dressing better is actually on my list for the new years , I always just throw everything on too . I mean it’s clothes after all who cares if it looks good , at least I’m not naked . But like I said one of the goals for me as well for 2016.

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