Message to Certain People

Message to Certain People

Note I said *certain people*. I don’t want anyone naming names.

Some bloggers I’ve found are so fixated on how many followers they have, how many likes they have, and how many comments. Seriously? Is it so important to you that you have to go around every single blog saying “I’m a huge fan of your blog! Could you check out my blog?” Half the time you’re not even followed to the blogs you’re a “huge fan” of.


Now that I’ve gotten that one off my chest, want to know what I hate even more? Rebloggers. Those people who only re-blog posts. Aka me.

Yeah… sorry about that. I’ll post more (or try to, because I make no promises) over the break.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

Love you guys ❤

69 thoughts on “Message to Certain People

      1. YAS my friend, after praying to Nutella bae/God, ALL SHALL WORK, I believe in u my friend, u will make all right, I believe in Nutella, my friend, it will make all right, I believe in Annabeth, my friend, She will LIKE AND BELIEVE!

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  1. Yeah, those people are annoying… 🙄
    Especially when they never even acknowledge their followers by REPLYING TO THEIR COMMENTS, and then turn around and make all these stupid posts about “OH I LOVE MY FOLLOWERS SO MUCH, BLAH BLAH BLAH”. If you really loved your followers, you would talk to them… -_-

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      1. Oh lol.
        I like posts. I just think its polite.
        Sometimes I like but don’t comment because 1. I’m in a hurry or 2. I can never think of a proper response.
        Sometimes I stare at a post for five minutes trying to think of a good comment but give up. 😛


      2. We never had any of this liking stuff going on in BVWP, that’s for sure. 😛 Really, it’s just a number… I don’t see why people here put so much emphasis on likes.
        Yeah, that’s the problem. I don’t want to give the impression that I’m not reading people’s posts, but…what do I even say for some of them?

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  2. I once got someone commenting, saying “Kindly check out my blog.” And a few hours later, when I hadn’t replied, they said it again and I actually felt insulted. Why does it matter? Why get people to look at your blog and just let people find it on the basis that you’re writing for YOURSELF?
    Trying to work out who does this, but I just find it… Pointless.
    Merry Christmas to ya, by the way!

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      1. And they use that as a way to try and make you go and see their blog. If I WANT to look at their blog, I will! But if people insist on just DEMANDING or asking me and it’s obvious they haven’t read my posts, it just makes me sad.

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      2. smh.
        i posted about that i don’t want advertsing, but some people just think “advertising is just fine!” I don’t think that though.

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  3. I don’t even know how to reblog something. And when I comment on things I actually read the post so I can make a valid comment on what the person is saying. And if I compliment you, I truly mean it, I really respect the blogging community and never try to exploit them for views. I agree with what you are saying, and I think the people who do this, are not bad people they just look at blogging in the wrong way. Merry Christmas too!

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  4. Advertising a little is fine (Hello, I’m a new blogger starting out, so I would really appreciate it if you would check out my blog!) but if that person is taking advantage of your kindness, just to get more views to be “famous”, that’s a no-no. I also find myself not liking any reblogged posts.
    Anyway, merry christmas, ya filthy animal!

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  5. It happens to me all the time where random people spam me with likes and comments about how awesome my blog is and how I should check out their blog as well. Of course I don’t mind if it’s my blog friends that spam me but people who say they love my blog ( and ask for a follow back ) when I’ve never seen them before makes them look like they really just want followers 😬

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