Goodbye Education

Goodbye Education

Well, goodbye for two weeks at least.

That’s right, it’s Winter Break! The time to be merry and Ho Ho Ho a lot. 🙂

I’ve been anticipating this day for weeks, and now I feel sort of hollow.

Why you ask?

I’m already missing school. I know, I’m such a sissy. But honestly, I think school isn’t that bad.

Aside from the whole exams and projects thing, and okay, everything education related, school isn’t that bad.

God I’m sorry for being so depressing during the happiest time of the year.

Comment how you feel now that school is out, or maybe school isn’t even out for you yet.

Love you guys ❤

P.S Marina has already been on break for A WEEK. Dayum girl.


42 thoughts on “Goodbye Education

  1. I’m just happy that means no more projects, tests, and late nights of homework. But I already miss my friends and it’s only been a day!! Although, I’m glad we planned lots of days to see each other over break. And… I need to practice my Japanese… Majorly.
    Hope you have a great break! 😀

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  2. I get your point. It feels more secure when you’re around a lot of people ^^. Bye for 2 weeks. But I’m still happy ;). You’ll want this to happen again when there will be too much studying, trust me xD.

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