7 Days of Christmas Giveaway !!

7 Days of Christmas Giveaway !!

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!
3 entries. 🙂

Fantagious Fantage

final copy 2015 christmas giveaway (Click image to enlarge)

Christmas is a couple of weeks away so we’re decided to post this now so that you guys have lots of time to enter!

How this giveaway will work is , that from December 19th-December 25th we’ll be giving away prizes for seven  days. On December 25th a very large mystery prize(s) will be revealed  and be given away. You only need to enter once in order to be entered for each day of this contest.  A list will be randomized  every day of the contest and the winner will be posted at 5pm on the same  day. You can win more than once but you can’t win 3 times. (so it’s fair to other people)  If  you win twice then you wont be entered.  If you do win and don’t want the prize you won for that day then please let us know.

How to…

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