During music our teacher played this video of kids younger than us being able to play our instruments better than us. Those kids had freaking SKILLS.

I think it was supposed to be inspiring, but I’m just here like:

“WOW my self-esteem is skyrocketing!”


34 thoughts on “Music

      1. When I’m successful in life I will go back and make a speech about my old teachers.
        “But out of everyone, I want to thank my former teachers the most, for making my self-esteem hit an all time low and pushing so much work on my I feel like I’m suffocating. Cheers.”

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      2. With over a billion hits!

        Unrelated, but thanks for amusing me with this, friend. I’m trying to draw my picture for Luke’s giveaway and it’s killing me :’D

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      3. I’ll admit that it’s better than my other art, seeing as I’m putting a lot of effort into it for the sake of kissing Luke’s ass for extra credit, but it still needs a lot of improvement. Thankfully, Anna is helping me a little, like with the skull on the dude’s shirt.

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