If you don’t like these types of posts, ignore it. Its fine, no grudge.



Have you ever had someone come up to you and be like, “PLEASE DONATE TO ME OR I’LL DIE” or “GIVE ME GOLD”?

Or have someone comment on your post, when its not even appropriate, and say “I NEED GOLD”?

Honestly, it pisses me off. Like, I am not your personal wallet. Just because I try to make people happy by giving away gold doesn’t mean you can take advantage of me like that. If you need gold, go earn it. Don’t just go around looking for donations.

I feel like some people only stick around me because I like to give my friends gold. If that’s the reason you follow me, go ahead and unfollow because I want to have followers who like my writing, not followers who want to take advantage of my moolah.

Now that that’s off my chest I feel much better. 🙂

If you’re still reading, thank you for putting up with my pissyness.




90 thoughts on “Rant

      1. What? You have nothing to be scared about!
        You’re always so generous and nice.
        Plus, even if you asked for gold once or twice that’s fine. Its just those people that ask constantly over and over again. 😛

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      1. The sad part is some people would trust this random stranger…
        I don’t get why people on Fantage do this kind of thing and then get mad when they get scammed or “hacked”. Nobody on BV was ever like this, at least…

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      2. Me neither. It’s funny, because Casey got hacked on BV when she had this really complicated password, and I never, ever got hacked, ever… 😛
        I did get scammed a few times, though. :/

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  1. lmao “I’m not your personal wallet”
    “gurl I ain’t yo personal wallet go get some ca-cash and earn dat gold yoself”
    //walks away

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      1. “NOOTELLA BAE DO U H-”
        //smacks with purse full o’ gold
        “gurl go get some ca-cash on yo own I ain’t givin’ you nothing even if this be yo last day on dis planet”
        //struts away with purse full o’ gold

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      2. “dang children get off my property”
        //smacks children to outer space

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  2. Honestly I didn’t even realize you gave out Gold until recently
    Your writing is fab tho, bae
    you better never quit
    or i’ll cry a waterfall of Nutella
    then I’ll have an allergic reaction and puff up into a balloon
    …..don’t let me become a balloon, bae
    being a balloon isn’t fun
    ’cause at some point, I’ll just
    I don’t wanna pop
    so basically
    you’re bae
    but not just any bae

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  3. uh have i ever done that? i don’t remember ever doing it but if i have, sorry. ehhh uhhh it has happened to me before. i just gave it to the asker because i didn’t want to make them feel bad, and anyway i’m too lazy to argue 😉 i agree it’s annoying. we make this gold with hard work, try it yourself. 😉

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      1. great thanks 😉
        i was planning to make a post about mymall advice so people who need gold could get it themselves. maybe you should too xD

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  4. I know right! It’s so annoying! Like, I get if you need gold right now for a trade or something and you’ll give it back later. But those people that go “omg omg omg can someone pls donate 500 gold to me now??? pls i needz it rn!” and it’s a donation not “oh i’ll pay you back later.” those are the annoying people. Fr go earn your own gold.

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    But seriously, these kinds of people are so annoying and saddening to see. When you just realize they are with you for your gold. Don’t stick around with those kinds of people bae.
    And you know what is better than gold? Your writing and food. 😉

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  6. First off, it took me SO LONG to read all of these comments. xD
    Second, yes, it’s SO FREAKIN’ ANNOYING! I used to donate to my friends and stuff, and trust me, they at least gave me decent items, but then people add me and immediately ask me for gold or like seriously popular items for cheap and I’m like… I’m broke dude (which is usually a lie xP) cuz wtf I’m not gonna just give some random stranger gold. I don’t even really donate to friends anymore cuz I don’t want them to start thinking I’m a gold machine or something.

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