Just Another Post

Just Another Post

Please don’t ignore this post TnnT

Hii! I DID NOT have any candy today (okay what a lie, I have guava candy just a few minutes ago) but anyways I realized I haven’t posted in a while! So lets start this post with a little entertainment!

cropped-059.jpg << Fun Fact! First image uploaded on Nutella’s blog which was added on July 30th, 2015 and NO I am NOT a stalker 😉 wink wonk, just kidding! But seriously I’m not a stalker.

nutell <<< How much we love Nutella~ And of course WE LOVE NUTELLA BAE MORE THEN SHE LOVES US XDD and honestly I could go for some Nutella right now, couldn’t you? No I could go for anything chocolaty right now since I am hungry and totally need to gain weight 😉 jk

giphy GIMME THE GODIVA AND TRUFFLES!! Its too good I really want to try the Godiva ice cream! Sorry. I eat Ice Cream ANY SEASON! Ask anyone 🙂

Now after that chocolate we need a drink to take the creaminess away so lets get me some drinks!


Your choice 🙂 BUT I CAN’T CHOOSE ONE!!! *drinks both*

*smile* I FEEL ALIVE



Now random stuff made by me:

“When I looked at you, I almost fell. Literally I was 2cms away from my beautiful face touching the floor.” BURN

“Has anyone ever called you beautiful? *sparkles in eyes* Cause thats a joke *laughs*”

“Remember when you asked me out right now? I’m way out of your league.”

“You can’t date her. Because SWAG.”

“Your cheating on your wifey? OMG HOW COULD YOU CHEAT ON FOOD?!?!”

“Did anyone realize that your as flat as a floor. I could step on your right now. YES YOU PAPER!!!”

“Did anyone else know that Yuki hasn’t posted her in a while? I DID”

“People like girls. Girls so eat A LOT ;)”

“Dude who cares about em’ boys in the school when you have your true bae. *stares at celebrity crush* We got married at *insert date you found out about him*.”

“You. Me. Dinner at 8. YOUR PAYING..”

“Wanna party? WE BOUT TO HAVE AN APPLE JUICE PARTY (I hate apple juice XD)!!!”

And scene.


Byee Nutella minions 😉



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