Kiosk 5D-10+Those Annoying People

Kiosk 5D-10+Those Annoying People

Kiosk 5D-10. Check it out, please?

Now that that’s out of the way, have you ever met those annoying people who seem like they know everything and don’t give a damn what YOU have to say?

Well, there’s one of those kinds of people in my lifeguard class.

Lets call her, candy, shall we?

Candy seems like she knows everything. She is always the first one to put her hand up to answer a question, and always the first one to laugh at someone else for getting an answer wrong. She also doesn’t care what other people have to say. She reminds me of a bulldozer, in a way, pushing everyone out of her way. Since she already knows everything, she always critiques people, and when she doesn’t get something right she blames it on something stupid, like not hearing the question correctly.

Honestly, these kinds of people just infuriate me so much. -_-

At least none of you guys will tell me how to do Vice rescues properly. 😉




11 thoughts on “Kiosk 5D-10+Those Annoying People

        shes terrible
        the whole class hates her
        even the teachers lol
        she asks horrid questions
        like if there is a sentence without a dot , she will be like : “wheres the dot miss? “

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