Supernatural Forces

Supernatural Forces


Okay, I’m exaggerating.

Something so weird happened today.

Me and my friend were riding the bus together, and all of a sudden our window, the one in front of ours, and the one behind ours opened. No, no, no you don’t understand. IN PERFECT SYNCHRONIZATION. Usually the windows have a latch, too, so they don’t open, and you need to use you hands and push it and then pull to open those dang windows.

After that, everyone started whispering Bloody Mary. Honestly, I hate ghost stories now, after my friend scared me so bad I peed my pants in grade two.

It was creepy and I got the shivers.

You’re lucky I’m alive.

Kidding, Ily all ❤ XD

30 thoughts on “Supernatural Forces

      1. He wanted to leave outside and go inside
        I wouldn’t let him in because I wanted to see what would’ve happened

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