Bean Boozled Challenge

Bean Boozled Challenge

Yeah, the title says it all. 😛

I’ve been wanting to try the Bean Boozled challenge for quite a long time now, and I finally did it with my friends today!

So Bean Boozled, for those of you who don’t know, is a Jelly Bean Challenge that’s actually pretty popular. Basically, there is a good flavour and bad flavour for each of the different coloured jelly beans, sorta like in Harry Potter. For example, the blue jelly bean might be toothpaste or fruitti tooti (I don’t know how to spell that), and the black jelly beans might be licorice or skunk spray.

My friend was throwing a birthday party, and we went to the mall. There we saw a candy store and in the window were packets of Bean Boozled. We decided to buy some and see if they were actually as bad as people said they were.

*Note: I almost died.*

*Note: I am NOT exaggerating.*

I always thought people were exaggerating about the tastes, but when I got baby wipes today, I nearly threw up.

Like I legit cried because it tasted like soap. And then there was dog food (which doesn’t sound that bad, but don’t be fooled) and there was skunk spray. Skunk spray was the WORST because at first it tastes normal, and then after chewing awhile it starts to taste nasty. It smells exactly like it tastes, too.

<<< My reaction when I tasted my first bad one.

In the end, I had a stomachache, my friend was laughing at me, my other friend was busy dying, and one friend was looking at pictures of cats to console herself.

But I still had fun. ^.^

Ily all ❤

42 thoughts on “Bean Boozled Challenge

    1. Omigod
      I got coconut (which tastes awesome), dog food, lime, baby wipes, kettle corn (which is supposed to be good, but it tastes so weird), skunk spray, fruiti tooti (or is it tooti fruiti?), and another one that tasted good, but idk what it was.

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  1. Omg I wanna try it but I can’t find it anywhere. My friend brought some to school and she dared me to eat all the brown ones (dog food or chocolate). She had three 😦 , the first 2 was dog food but the last one was chocolate, I was so disgusting XD

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  2. I did this challenge once with my friend,
    and while she was “dying” on the bad ones, I squished the jellybean, smelled it, and if it smelled horrible I would put it somewhere unnoticable (ik it isn’t a word shhhhh) and would take another one, smell it, and if she stopped dying I would eat it .-.
    it was a great technique!
    fine it was cheating but she didn’t notice so technically it was a technical technique B)

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