Slang Words

Slang Words

Hey y’all! Missed me?

I haven’t posted in a few days, because I have this big exam coming up. Yeah…

This post is gonna be brief, and its gonna be about slang!

Yeah, I use slang all the time, dawg.

But have you ever met those people who use slang words 24/7?

Cuz I just met someone who does exactly that. And this kid was in grade FOUR.

He kept saying bruh. Like, every start of his sentence and end, he would say bruh.

And I’m here like, SHUT UP, BRUH. << lame jokes with Nutella *Theme song*

And then, he would always say dude. If it were once or twice I would let it slide, but it was EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE that he would use it.

When he laughed, he said LOL. I can clearly see you laughing, so I don’t know why you feel the need to tell me you’re “laughing out loud”. -_-

I know these people don’t do this solely to hurt anyone, but it does get annoying.

Anyways, yeah that’s it for today’s post.


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