I need some advice.

There’s someone I love a lot, one of my best friends, who suddenly is not friends with me anymore.

I think I did something to upset her, while I wasn’t meaning to. I said some stuff that I thought was innocent, but she took it the wrong way.

I’m legit crying right now, and I don’t know what to do. I’m hoping she’ll forgive me, but I’ve said sorry so many times already and she hasn’t forgiven me. Its killing me. I can’t stand people being mad at me.

If she reads this, then I’m really sorry, I really didn’t mean to upset you so much. Hope you can forgive and forget.

Ily all ❤

47 thoughts on “Advice

  1. If you guys are truly meant to be friends then she will forgive you . Sometimes people grow apart and start to lose friends it’s apart of growning up . Don’t need to worry if people want to be in your life they will make time for you . Sometimes I agrue with my friends over stuff and it takes a while for them to forgive me but they do eventually . And if so she doesnt then its her loss for losing and amazing friend .

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  2. Even if you can get mad at each other, true friends usually come around. Ask her what you did wrong, and if she won’t tell you, give her a couple of days to sort stuff out, and then ask her again. It may not always work, but you will definitely work things out.

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  3. You should talk to her, and explain how you meant it, if you haven’t already. After that, just give her some time, and she’ll make up. I’ve argued with my friends many times, and I’ve found it best just to give them some time. If you do talk to her, don’t be forceful with her and drive her crazy by apologizing over and over.

    Hope everything works out!

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  4. Sometimes things like this happen. And if you honestly didn’t do anything to purposefully upset her, then a true friend would forgive you. Even if she is upset now, given time, she will probably forgive you, especially if you’re giving a sincere, meaningful apology (even if it’s for something you didn’t intentionally do). Some people take things the wrong way and just need longer to think things over. Don’t feel guilty, it’s not your fault she misunderstood you, and if you’re trying your best to make up for it, then all you can do is wait for “forgiveness”. Don’t let false guilt upset you because it just makes everything feel 100 times worse and will only make you even more upset; trust me I know from 1st hand experience. We don’t want you to be in the blue, so stay your normal, happy, silly self! 🙂 And I really hope things get resolved, and we’ll all be here for you whenever you need.

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  5. take her hand and be like
    I’m sorry
    XD no don’t do that pls
    wait for a random kid to yell action,
    go up to her,
    and say
    pls forgive me
    we are friends, right
    because if we are, you’ll forgive me
    and if you don’t forgive me forever
    we’ll never be friends
    moral of what I said: forgive me and we can be the coolest friends ever
    don’t you wanna BE
    the coolest friends ever?

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  6. I’m so sorry!
    Go to her AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to make it right.
    Do not wait too long, or it will be too late.
    This happened to me once. My bffl and I had known each other for SO long, and started to grow apart. I was so upset and didn’t know why she did it.

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  7. If she’s really mad… then give her space for a while. Works with me. I am a ‘tough nutshell’. Then go say sorry and explain. If she won’t let you talk, keep on talking. It doesn’t matter.
    But if you keep on asking for forgiveness nonstop (I didn’t say you were ouo) then she can get aggravated more.


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      1. How would I get mad?
        Btw, I’m a very hard person to get mad… that’s a good thing. (The “MAD” mad, not the friendly mad).

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  8. Im sorry. I know the feeling (sorry im replying too late). Look if she really is your friend then you guys will make up, im sure. If she doesnt, lemme kill her.

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