Kiosk 9D-3 + Sorry

Kiosk 9D-3 + Sorry

Psst… my kiosk is 9D-3….

Anyways, I honestly have no post ideas these days.

That and all the exams and tests coming up, I’m just feeling a little under the weather.

Anyone have any study tips? I can’t focus on work for more than thirty minutes at a time.

Ily all ❤

23 thoughts on “Kiosk 9D-3 + Sorry

  1. You can put on soft music in the background. (don’t make it too loud and it shouldn’t be loud songs. I usually listen to the 1975, melanie martinez, troye sivan, etc. artists like them while studying) Chew gum and then chew the same flavor when doing practice or taking the exam (it helps you remember the stuff I heard), Studying a little bit of information each day so you don’t have to take everything in all at once, take a break in between studies, find how you learn best and study by doing that (ex. i’m an auditory learner so I repeat terms to remember them.) that’s all i have from the top of my head .-. hope it helps

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  2. Get extremely organized/creative.
    Set out a “game” that can help you study.
    The things you get right, don’t do those questions.
    If you get wrong ones, then redo them.
    Try Quizlet.

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