The Day Before Halloween

The Day Before Halloween


Its exciting, isn’t it?

I went to school all dressed up as a witch… yeah very original, I know. I was going to be a bat, but I ripped my wing in half somehow while putting on the costume. Dang cheap bat wings…

So, with my fabulous problem solving skills, I took out a vampire cape, a dark angels’ dress, and a witch hat I had gotten for previous Halloween years and put them all on. Then, I proceeded to call myself a witch.

Anyways, those of you who know me well know that I NEVER put on makeup. I mean, I’d like to, but I’m usually too lazy.

So today I decided to put some extra effort in and put on mascara. Only problem: I’ve never had to do it before.

I struggled with the brush (and poked my self in the eye once.) until my eyelashes were a goopy mess. I decided to leave it at that and convinced myself it looked “goth”. On the way to school, I could hardly open my eyes because my eyelashes were sticky and kept sticking to each other.

When I got to school, I put my hat on. This witch hat was a wide brimmed one, so that it made it hard to walk through a doorway. I walked into at least ten doorways, and slammed my locker onto my hat once, too. I also stabbed myself with a pin that was on my dress, had my cape nearly choke me, and my hat refused to stay standing up. It always had to be lopsided. -_-

I’ve persuaded myself now that this Halloween is jinxed for me.

At least I can still wish you guys a happy one!

Happy (almost) Halloween, guys!

Ily all ❤

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