You guys asked me so many questions, I’m sure it’ll take half an hour to make this post, at least.

So I’d better get started.

Mango’s Questions:

Do you love me?

Even more than I love Nutella. ^.^

Do you like Melanie Martinez?

I don’t know who that is… shhhh.

Do you wanna do my homework?

No, because I am a somewhat sane person who already has enough homework as it is. 😛 Sorry.

Can you please go to my school and tell them to stop giving me homework?

YES. Good idea. On it.

What are you gonna be for Halloween?

I don’t even know yet. Good going, Nutella Bae, procrastinating ’till last minute TnT

Am I awesome?


Am I your senpai?

Yes, Mangos Senpai.

Yuki-Chan’s Questions:

Do you ship #Yutella?


Do you like K-pop?

Sorry, I don’t listen to it much. Don’t kill me >.<

What was the last blog other than your blog that you visited?

It was actually Elm’s blog which is Just Call Me Elm or Something…

Who is your role model?

My wallet. Kidding 😛 All of you guys. ❤

Why am I typing in Caps?

Because Yuki is crazy. ^.^

Fav colour?


Fav singer?

Me. You should hear me in the shower, bruh.

Canada or USA?

I live in Canada, but the parts of USA that I’ve visited are really nice.

Tokyo or NYC?

I generally like to go against everyone, and everyone goes to NYC so imma go to Tokyo. #Rebel

Tokyo or Seoul (Korea)?

Hmm… tough one… probably still Tokyo.

Definition of Love?

Nutella. End of conversation. Just kidding.

Will you answer this?

No. Wait, I just did. So yes.

What is Yuki-Chan to you?

Yuki-Chan is Yuki-Chan. Love ya 😍

Do you like Got7? BTS? Big Bang?

Got7 is nice, and so is BTS! Don’t know what Big Bang is..

Pandaflower11’s Questions:

How much do you love the panda?

Not enough words to tell you, my Panda Bae 🙂

Do you ship #Pinmin? (Me, Jin and Jimin)

Obviously. I ❤ it.

How many vases have you broken?

Surprisingly, not too many 😀 I’ve broken a lot of plate though. And melted a plastic bottle by accident…

Treezilla’s Questions:

How much is blogging to you?

Oh, blogging means the world to me. Only place I get to talk to you guys, my fam 🙂

Do you ship Truna?

Pssst… What’s Truna… Sorry for my clueless-ness >.<

How often do you express your feelings?

A LOT. I say I love you all the time, and cry a lot. Sometimes over nothing. I’m really stupid.

And last but not least… WHAT ARE THOOOOOSSSSSEEEEEE?


Moonshinezodiac’s Questions:

Do you like to dance?

I took dance lessons, but lets just say that I can trip over my own feet. Hey, it takes skill to be able to trip on a flat surface. 😛

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever done?

Too many to count. XD

Have you ever tried beaver tails?

Yes, once, but it was at the zoo. There’s these stands that sell them, and I got an Oreo one that is SO sweet. Way to sweet for even me.

How does your crush look like? *wink wonk*

Blonde hair, brown eyes. Slightly chubby. ^.^

Do you love your parents?

Yes, ofc. I mean, sometimes I feel like I don’t, but at the end of the day I know I do.

Can you stand on your hands?

Nope. I haven’t even perfected walking on my feet yet, so don’t expect me to be able to stand on my hands anytime soon.

University or college?

I would like to go to university, but if college is what I can get into, so be it.

What languages can you speak?

English, Chinese (Mandarin. Can’t write, though.), and a little French.

Susan//tori35665’s Questions:

Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande?

Agh, hard question. I love both… hmm… but I would have to say Taylor Swift ^.^

Disney or Nick?

Disney ftw!

How awesome am I on a scale of -10 to 10?

Infinity and beyond, girl 🙂

EmbarrassedHeart’s Questions:

How are you?

Fantabulous 🙂

Do you like:
– kdrama?
– kpop?
– anime?

Not really. Ahh, sorry don’t kill me!

Do you play any instruments/music?

Yes, the piano and trumpet. 😀

Your fav subject?

Literacy and art all the way. I love writing and drawing random stuff.

The Girl In Boots’ Questions:

Rainbows or Unicorns?

Unicorns. Because they poop rainbows.

Elysia’s Questions:

Am I you bae?

YES. A thousand times yes XD

Why did you start blogging?

Got inspired to by a whole bunch of friends. So glad I started blogging 🙂

Favourite song and band?

Can’t choose! Too many to choose from, and I am terrible at making choices.

Colourfulshadows’ Questions:

Do you like waffles?

Yeah ^.^

What’s your favourite breakfast cereal?

Don’t have one. Its weird. All cereals taste the same to me O.o

Do you prefer hot or cold cheese?

HAWT cuz that’s what I am.

What’s your favourite video game?

I don’t really play video games 😛

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you like Nutella?

Are you a cat person?

Not really, more doggy person.

Are these questions boring or what? (I have like no imagination LOL)

Not boring at all. All questions are good questions. #CheesyQuotes

So that’s it, folks!

Oh, look at that! It took me an hour to write this post. XD

Ily all ❤

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