Halloween Giveaway 2015

Halloween Giveaway 2015

In case you guys can’t see the site (which happened on Anna’s blog) here’s the URL: https://fantage0101.wordpress.com/2015/10/27/halloween-giveaway-2015/

Fantage 0101

So, thanks so much for being amazing guys ❤


All you have to do is follow this blog! The 3 people that already followed will get 2 extra entries ❤


  • Re-blog this post – 1
  • Like this post – 1
  • Invite a person (must comment) – 3
  • Comment:
    • an idea – 3
    • something random – 1


This is what you want right c:

I’ve had this account I made in 2011 with all the Halloween prizes and apparently they are “rare”, so what a great way to get more publicity (lol)!

I’m offering 2 of the items below or 400 gold.


I’m willing to sell the entire account for 6k gold. I can negotiate – email imkarlyirl@gmail.com for details.

Tally up your points, email it to imkarlyirl@gmail.com or comment below!


Have fun! 😀

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